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One of the most prestigious universities in the country and Krysti Jordan managed to get into it.  Shangrila University was one of the best known in the country for its science degrees, especially in technology and bio-chemical engineering, but it also had a strange reputation for being one of the best party universities of the world, and a rather well known sport scholarship.  How this is done, few people even know.

Krysti was a fairly typical 'nerd' stereotype.  Short, slender, wore glasses over her green eyes, was rather introverted and kept very few friends.  In fact, she could count how many people she was friends with on one hand and have fingers left over.  One guy, and one girl, in fact, and the only reason she considered them friends was when they defended her in middle school over something she didn't do.  They been nice to each other ever since.  They even kept her from getting picked on.  A plus in her book.  But that wasn't here nor there.  She also had a couple of 'vices', if you want to call them that.  First, she was an avid gamer.  She'd beem playing video games for so long that she keeps a few with her so she can relax.  The second, she really loved bubblegum.  Not the chewing gum that came in the flat stick variety.  She couldn't stand them.  BUBBLEGUM.  the kind that usually came in soft squares that you had to sink your teeth into and had enough substance to blow bubbles with.

Krysti had a full scholarship to attend Shangrila University, but it didn't cover food, and some of the other essentials, such as soap, shampoo and the like, so Even after she registered, she had to spend part of her first day looking for something most students dreaded: a job.

But first, she had to move into her dorm flat.  Luckily, she had a few rather easy going flat mates along with a really nice floor manager.  She picked one of the rooms near the back, and thankfully, she only required a few things.  Mostly her computer, a port to charge her smartphone, and a bed.  She had a couple of flatmates.  One of them was cute, even by her standards.  He had to have been on the football team, and a leggy blonde girl that seemed to be having a bit of fun moving into the flat.  Krysti adjusted her glasses and set up her bed and computer, at least for the time being.  it didn't take her long before she was set up, but the blonde knocked on the door.  "hieee.  Looks like we're staying here too.  I'm Cassandra, Cassie for short.  The guy's name is Luke."  She then bounced in place for a second while Krysti just...stared in disbelief.  "Uhm.....Hi."  Krysti said.  "I'm Krystina.  Nice to meet you, Cassie."  She was a little nervous, so she didn't say much.  "Oh....would you happen to know of any place where there's a job available?"

Luke walks his way over.  "Jobs?  Uh....If you don't mind creepy, there's a mage college across the way that are looking for 'assistants'."  Complete with air quotes.  "and Doctor Conroy is usually looking for assistants.  Plus there's secretary jobs nearby that'll pay.  Just....pick and choose."  Luke says before winking to Krysti, making her blush.

"Thank you, Luke."  Krysti said in a small voice before they both left.  Why did he wink at her?  But then a couple more people showed up, carrying a package into the third room.  A rather large one and just set it in the room, plugged it in and closed the door.  One of them stopped and waved to Krysti.  "Hello there.  I'm Doctor Conroy.  I hope you don't mind, but I had to set up one of your 'roommates' in there."  Krysti made a face at the doctor.  He was taller than her, but so was everyone else since she was only 5'2" tall.  He also had long brown hair and glasses, like a typical scientist type.  "Oh...Doctor....Conroy, right?  I heard you had opening for Lab assistants from time to time?  I could use a job to pay for my 'essentials', if you know what I mean."

"Oh sure, if I ever need an assistant, I'll be sure to ask for you.  Even if it means experiments."  Doctor Conroy said before he left the room....leaving Krysti to wonder what the hell she just signed up for.

Thankfully, Krysti didn't have to worry about classes for a couple of days, leaving her to wander over and explore the mage college across the street.

Once inside, she found the place....cleaner than she expected.  "Apparently playing D&D doesn't give you all the information you need to know."  Krysti said as she looks about.

"Is there something I can help you with?"  said a voice to her right, and Krysti jumped.

"Ah!  Uhm....I was told you occasionally take assistants for experiments and stuff?  I kinda need help paying for essentials for the semester."  Krysti said softly.

"Yesss.  We're willing to pay handsomely for test subjectssss.  And do not worry, we're sure it's safe."  the man said softly and wrote her name down.

"I didn't tell you my name."  Krysti said.

"You didn't need to, Krysti.  Come back in a week or two and we'll have something for you."  the man said.  "I am Lex."  And he disappeared.

"This is really getting strange."  Krysti said, walking to find other places to work.

After she found a few flyers and phone numbers for temp work and other places, Krysti returned to the dorms to find a party going on.  Aw crap, this was her worst nightmare.  She made a face and tried to navigate her way back to her dorm flat, which was on one of the upper floors.  She groaned inwardly as she tried to make her way through the parties, when she caught the attention of her floor manager, who saw her discomfort.  He walked his way over towards her and helped her up to her flat, where she breathed a sigh of relief.  The floor manager, Mike, stuck around for a moment.  "Krysti, this is just a welcome party.  You can stay in here, or you can join us in the party.  You might even make a couple of friends.  Or even just watch, and enjoy the party atmosphere.  Your choice, hun."  He said before he waved to her and went back out to the party.

It took her only a few minutes to get everything set up in her room, before she peeked out the door at the party.  Taking a deep breath, she chose a few clothes that she felt comfortable in and decided to venture out into the party, if only to watch.

When she finally stepped out, she was in the baggiest blue jeans she had and a black t-shirt that had the gold symbol of Hyrule on the chest, also baggy.  She still wore her glasses, but she tried to 'blend in' with the crowd.  But when she stepped into the main party area, she got a shock.

"KRYSTI!!!"  Most of the group shouted in greeting.  Krysti jumped backwards and froze in place as she looked at everyone there.  She knew exactly ONE person there, and it was the floor manager, a senior in the university that helped her to her room.  So how did everyone ELSE know her name!?  Then it occured to her, the floor manager, Lex, must've told everyone else her name to give her a warm welcome.  It didn't help her nerves any though.  Finally, Lex made his way over to her and sighed, giving her a drink.  "Don't worry, It's punch.  I'm assuming you don't drink, Krysti, but...relax.  We're not going to hurt you."  He then chuckles.  "I did help you move in, partly, and I noticed you had quite a few packages of gum."  He said before digging into his pocket.  ", try this.  Maybe it'll help loosen you up."

Lex handed her a 6 piece package of 'Big Bubbles Gum', and smiled to her before going back to the party.  Krysti looked at the gum package for a bit and even looked at the flavor.  "Strawberry milk? least he's being nice."  She thought to herself, before she opened the plastic package and popped a piece into her mouth, starting to chew.

The flavor was better than she thought, sugary sweet is usually the best type for her.  Krysti stood there for a moment actually enjoying the flavor of the gum as she chewed it.  Just the act of chewing the gum was loosening her up, making her feel more confident.  She then put her tongue through the middle of it, stretching it over her tongue, and blew a bubble, a fairly large one.  While she was blowing the bubble, she actually felt tingly, and her cheeks flushed for some strange reason.  Her entire body felt tingly for the few seconds she blew the bubble, until, finally, she pulled it back into her mouth to chew again.  " tastes better after blowing a bubble."

What Krysti didn't realize was when she blew the bubble, the roots of her hair faded to blonde, she became taller by an inch, her breasts swelled a little, her hips widened a little and her butt became a little rounder and bigger.  She didn't notice it because it was such a small thing, but she was 'loosening up', it seems.

Now, she was talking to other people, like a member of the football team.  He talked to her readily enough, but then he went to go and get another drink for himself.  She smiled and blew another bubble, having the same effect as before, and noticing that it tasted even better than before.

The night went on and Krysti was 'loosening up' more and more, coupled by the fact she was blowing more and more bubbles.  It took a little while for Krysti to realize that something was wrong though.  first, she was taller than when she left her room.  Second, her pants were tighter than they were initially.  She was liking how tight they were, and she couldn't understand why...she didn't LIKE tight clothes, but she liked the feel of the jeans.  Third, her shirt was MUCH tighter than it was before and her nipples were hard.  She was also feeling much more 'bubbly' than when she first went out there.  She actually LIKED this feeling.  She was no longer nervous around other people.

Maybe it was a good thing the party was getting ready to disperse by then, but she really did like the bubble gum, and she was really tingly by then.  So as the people at the party left, she wandered back to her room, and closed the door.

Once there, she turned on the light, and looked in the mirror.  She didn't recognize the woman in the mirror.  Blonde hair with black tips, blue eyes, huge breasts in a tight half shirt, thick legs with a lovely booty in a pair of tight jeans.  she marveled at how she looked and smiled.  Those lovely pink lips were lookers as well, and her hair was fuller than her normal flat black hair, even having waves in it.  She LIKED how she looked.  She couldn't stop running her fingers through her hair, or fondling her breasts....even tugging at her nipples, which made her shudder unexpectedly.

After a couple of minutes, Krysti smirked at her reflection, and still admired herself in the mirror, turning this way and that, before she put her hands on her hips, and blew one more bubble.  The effects were different than before.  Now, the feeling was very much pleasure-filled.  Her skin goose-bumped, her back arched, and she let out a moan, despite still blowing into the bubble.  Her toes curled, her curves got bigger, she became taller, her hair longer and blonder.  Finally, the bubble popped, and she tugged the gum off of her face, only to grin at what she saw in the mirror.

"Damn.  I'm on fire."  She giggled at herself in the mirror and went to bed.  She had a lot of things to do tomorrow.

As soon as the next morning came, Krysti immediately made her way for the football field and tried out for the cheerleading squad.  Not surprisingly, she made the squad, and became pretty popular on campus very very quickly.  Not just because she was so bubbly in personality, but because of her 'assets' she had on display.  Just about all of her clothes that were so baggy, now fit snugly and showed off her very perky figure.  So she had many offers for dates, shopping trips and more.  Plus, she didn't need her glasses.  In the middle of the week, she went on a shopping spree and got some more clothes that fit her new voluptuous figure.

After the week was over, Krysti groaned and woke up early in the morning.  "The hell hit me."  She groaned as she sat up.  She looked about and didn't see anything, so she had to put her glasses on.  And she spotted the cheerleader outfit.  "The hell?  I didn't try out for cheerleading......did I?"  She then looked at some of the pictures on her dresser and....tilted her head.  "When did...."  She then looked at her smartphone, and ran her hand on her face.  "great....I've lost a week.  The hell did I do?"

It was then she spotted the gum, which had reformed itself to a non-chewed piece....and remembered PART of what happened.  "Oh my god.  that's a first.  Someone gave me bimbofication gum."  she then chuckled a bit.  "All right.  From what I remember, I liked what I became.  Confident, outgoing, and, I didn't look completely bland like I usually do."  she then smirked.  "Well, If I'm right, I'm really going to need the extra money now."  She then looked at her dresser and....she was right.  "Yup."  She said to herself, and she looked at the pack of gum.  " looks like I have a good deal of testing to do on you.  this'll be a lot of fun."

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It was a few weeks into the school year, and Homecoming was only a couple of weeks away.  Preparations were made while others were worrying about gathering up the courage to ask out that special someone to a date at Homecoming.  the most reclusive people were the ones who were having problems asking someone out.

Elycia didn't have that problem.  She had two dates for Homecoming, and thankfully, the Kaynes were working out a way to get them a limo for the night.  Elycia was really really stoked for homecoming, and....not really for the reasons she put on at school.

In her magic classes, Elycia found out that Cory would be going with Synestria to Homecoming, which was good since she was worried about Cory staying home that night.  So with that piece of new in her head, Elycia went home.  She was back to normal as she stored the energy she had again in her earrings.  She knocked on the doors of the Kayne's house and was met at the door by Mrs. Kayne.

"hey Elycia!  Good to see you!  Wanna come in?"  Mrs Kayne said to her, and opening the door more.

"Sure Mrs. Kayne. Actually....I wanted to talk to you and Mister Kayne about something."  ELycia says walking her way in.  She was actually GLAD that the house was looking a lot bigger than 'normal' lately.  "It turns out Synestria and Cory are going to Homecoming too.  Synestria was able to talk him into going."

"Good.  We were waiting fo hear from Cory so we could make the reservation.  Who's Synestria?"  Mrs Kayne said, leading her into the game room.

"One of my friends from sorcery classes.  She's a Lamia."  Elycia says as she sits on the couch.  "Where's Erika?"  She says looking around.

"Erika Adam and the hubby have gone out to pick their clothes for Homecoming.  I imagine they won't have quite as hard of a time with theirs as we will with you."  Mrs. Kayne said teasingly.

Elycia blushed at that teasing remark and squirmed a little where she sat, and Mrs Kayne could see what was going through Elycia's mind.  "Changing makes you feel different, huh?"

Elycia blushed even redder.  "Not just different, like another person.  Tall, voluptuous, confident.  I'm hardly noticed when I'm walking through school, but after I changed.....I could see people move out of my way."  She then shakes her head.  "Which....brings up a minor problem."

Mrs Kayne tilted her head at that admission.  "I can name a second, but....tell me the one you're thinking of."

Elycia looks at her, then shrugs.  "the one that asked me to homecoming.....Adam and Erika caught wind that he's going to try and 'be my first' for a lot of things."

Mrs Kayne just....facepalms.  "Oh no.  Boys and their hormones."

Elycia giggles.  "Don't worry.  it's why we wanted the limo.  that way, if Brian decided, after he knows he's not going to 'score', he leaves....we have our own way home."  She then smirks.  "Besides, Synestria knows..."

Mrs Kayne raises up a little in her seat.  "uh oh.  I heard what happened with Fitz, can't have a better protector."

Elycia smiles.  'Cory's been taking magic classes too.  Being an Incubus means he knows magic, but not as powerful as a lamia."  She then sighs.  "Or that's what the class says."

It's then that Erika bounces her way into the front door and spots Elycia.  "'LYCE!  Lookie who we ran into!"  She says as she gives a mighty tug and.......drags herself out the door.  "RRRG!  Come on in here Syn!  You know you wanna see Elycia!"  As she tugs herself out of sight.

It's THEN Synestria walks her way into the game room....with Erika hanging off her arm.  Synestria looks more amused than annoyed though.  "Yessss yessss....I do want to see her."  On her other arm was a hangar with a dress in cellphane to keep things from dripping onto it, like dust.  "How're you doing, Elyccccccia?  Brian ssssstill being friendly?"

Mrs Kayne stood up and looked over the voluptuous form of Synestria and whistled.  "you're definitely an Anaconda type all right."

This....seemed to distract Elycia and Synestria from their respective trains of thought.  "Anaconda type?"  Elycia finally asked.

Mrs kayne nodded.  "Yeah.  I'll explain in a moment.  Lemme put these dresses and suits away."  She says gathering up Erika's and Synestria's dresses and Adam's and Cory's suits, whom happened to be lingering at the doorway with Erika's fun-loving antics.

Elycia watched before looking to Synestria.  "He's still being friendly, but I'm seeing a pattern to his behavior, along with some of the school.  When I'm normal, he's still friendly, but it's almost like he doesn't recognize me.  When I'm 'charged', that's when he, and most of the rest of the school, are really looking and paying attention."

Synestria smiled at that.  "that's because when you're charged, Elycia, you're putting out a LOT of pheromones.  Moreso than normal."  She then chuckles.  "I've had to fight myself when you're like that."

Elycia raise sher eyebrows at that admission.  "Really?"

Synestria laughs.  'yessss really.  There were quite a few times I had to keep myself from giving you a kiss."

Elycia blushed.  " least I know the cause now."

"You have nothing to worry about, Elycia."  Synestria said....and finally puts down Erika....upside down, on the couch.  "I like you as you are, Elycia.  I'm jusssst not one for crowdsssss."

Mrs Kayne walks her way in right then.  "Right.  Like I was saying, Synestria, usually there are different types of each 'species'.  Mr Kayne and I are 'otters'.  it's why we have the pool.  We also love to have fun.  However, there are some that have a 'sub-species', or a 'type'."  She then gestures towards Synestria.  "I know you're a lamia.....but you're big, voluptous and strong, so you're an 'anaconda-type'.  It's a compliment actually because you are quite lovely."

Cory then clears his throat.  "and that's part of the reason why I asked her to Homecoming.  the larger reason is that she's been a good friend."  Which makes Synestria flush a little.

Elycia smirks.  "At least you two are going together."  She then looks to Mrs Kayne.  "What was the other thing you wanted to say?"

Mrs Kayne then looked to ELycia.  "Oh right.  You and Cory are growing up a bit more.  You're looked more toned than your normal forms."  She says before she waves.  "Don't break the system, guys." And she heads out of the room to give her husband a big hug.

Elycia laughs.  "If I ever get married, I want a marriage like theirs."

Erika laughs at Elycia.  "Yeah, you'll end up with an open relationship where you'll have many lovers and one husband and one wife."

Elycia rolls her eyes as Adam walks his way by and starts up the game system.  Cory actually gives Elycia a hug from behind, which startles her at first, but she noticed how he had opened up again after his brother went off to college.  "Good to see you out again, Cory."

Cory just held the hug a little longer, and ELycia realized she was enjoying the hug a lot more.  "You okay, Cory?"  Cory just shrugged.  "Just glad you were able to stick by me, even when 'he' decided to pour on the charm."

Elycia rolled her eyes.  "He's a snake.  Knowing him, he's probably bi too, JUST so he could plug a hole."  This....made Cory turn a little more red, but hug Elycia more.  Elycia turned around and hugged him back.  She felt really warm when she hugged Cory, but she didn't say anything.  It didn't seem right.  She opened her eyes, and spotted Synestria looking at her...with a smirk.  It's then that Elycia pulled away, and Cory, with his face a little flush, went down to play video games with Adam and Erika.

Synestria beckoned ELycia to join her in the kitchen, and they made something to eat.  Synestria broke the silence.  "he likes you."

Elycia inwardly winced.  "We've known each other since Kindergarten, Syn.  I'm not trying to move in on him."  She says defensively....

Synestria chuckles.  "I know you're not...purposefully."  Elycia blinks as she finishes one sandwich.  Synestria holds up a stalling hand.  "I said purposefully because you haven't taken mage classes as long as I have.  that's part of the problem with Succubi and Incubi, by the time they figure out they are, the only classes they can take are 'control' classes in high school.  I've been in those classes all of my life.  It's why I'm a little 'stand-offish' when it comes to the 'group'.  I adore you all, but I feel....separate because of my magic.  You've always treated me like a normal person, and respected my space, Elycia....this is why I've pulled you aside now."

Elycia has been listening to Synestria's admission, and is glad the woman could find the words to express them.

Synestria continues.  "Cory really does like you, Elycia.  And from his actions, he's liked you for a long time.  But you know what has happened with his past girlfriends...."

"yeah.  As soon as he managed to work up the nerve to ask a girl out, inside of a month, Ian would end up sleeping with his girlfriend.  And the girlfriend would dump Cory, where he'd be heartbroken, then Ian would dump the girlfriend.  Cory would find out she was cheating on him with Ian...and never touch her again.."  Elycia says.

"Exactly..."  Synestria says pointing at Elycia.  "Which is why he's fought his feelings for so long with you.  I expect that, when Ian finds out Cory with to Homecoming with me, he'll come after me.  I also expect he'll ask me to Prom as well.  But that's only part of why I brought you in here."

Elycia looks to the side.  'What's the other part?"

Synestria takes a deep breath....and looks out of the make sure no one else will hear.  "One of the 'studies' into the other species and magic, was about Succubi and Incubi.  It's tough to research them since there are so few, but you know the legends of them.  The women tend to be seductresses and attention grabbers when they're 'changed'.  Incubi are fewer in number, but the magic in their blood tend to make them 'hunky', and often hard to resist, just as much as the succubi.  Here's where it gets tricky though."  She pauses and takes a deep breath.  "the tests rarely talk about Succubi/Incubi interactions, mostly because they are incredibly rare.  The few texts that DO mention it,'s never 'if'....but when."

Elycia's eyes widen.  "When?"

Synestria nods.  "When.  Think like electromagnetics.  Opposites and all that.  You can plant your feet all you want, but you'll end up getting pulled towards him.  Adam and Erika are a sweet couple.  they'll be a great first relationship for you."

Elycia smiled quietly.  "Thanks.  I don't know how you can be so perceptive.  So, I should be careful around Cory?"

"On the contrary.  Be a good friend, don't let this bit of information ruin it, and if it ready for Ian."  synestria smiles at that.  "I've already got plans for that jerk."

Elycia then remembers something....and facepalms.  "I apologize, Synestria.  I called Ian a, I insulted you by calling him one."

Synestria laughs.  "No.  I'm a Lamia.  Ian has a problem."  she then snaps her fingers.  'Speaking of which, I'm coming with you for your is Adam.  yours needs to be enchanted."

Elycia looks worried.  'Enchanted?  why?"

Synestria smirks.  "Simple, I don't think you're going there as your normal form, with all of those raging hormones in the area.  And all you'd need is someone to engage in oral, and you'd shred your dress."

Elycia laughs.  "that's very true.  Plus with what Brian's planning, he'll try to make me shred my dress anyways."

Synestria points at elycia.  "that's why we asked Mrs Kayne to arrange a limo.  So you won't be alone with him."

It's then that Mrs Kayne walked her way in.  "Hey you two.  I've got Adam up and we're ready to head out for your dress, Elycia."  then, Mrs Kreiger looks around Mrs Kayne.  "I'm going too, guys.  I'm gonna help enchant the dress."  She then smiles to Synestria.  'With your help, hun.  You're more experienced at it than I am."

Synestria blushed at the admission from the older woman.

And so they left to the mall to find Elycia a dress....

And a couple of hours later, they returned with a rather nice blue dress for Elycia that Synestria had picked out.  Elycia insisted upon pink earrings though.  Two of ELycia's favorite colors.  They were carrying them into the house when Elycia felt strange....tingly.  She wrinkled her forehead and instinctively touched her earrings, letting out a long exhale that....Synestria heard.  "What's the matter?"  Syn said protectively.  "Someone's having sex here."  She said softly, so Adam couldn't hear.

Synestria rolled her eyes.  "I think I know who."  She says as she rounded a corner and looked in the game room, to find a game paused and no one in there.

Elycia made a bit of a face and started up the stairs, and turned the corner to hear heavy breathing, mostly female, with the occasional moan of pleasure from a deeper voice.  She walked her way forward to find the door partly open, and to find Erika on Cory's lap, both naked and Erika steadly rising and lowering on Cory's lap.  By the time ELycia got to the door, Erika was lifting her head from arching her back.  ELycia stepped forward and sighed before she knocked on the doorframe, getting both fo their attention, and Erika making it a point to cover up.  "Hey guys, obviously we're back."  She says in a soft voice and a smirk.  "Erika, I do think we should have a bit of a talk after you're....finished."  Erika blushed at that comment.  "But Mostly because of Adam."  Elycia still smiled at Erika, and winked to Cory....though she couldn't understand why.  She then turned from the room and started down the stairs, running into Synestria.

"Were they in there?"  Synestria asked.

"yup.  doing exactly what you think."  ELycia smiled at that.

Synestria smirked.  "Mmhmm.  It smells like sex in the game room.  It's not heavy, so Adam won't smell it.  but it's there.

Elycia sighs softly before she turned around to find Erika bouncing from the room and down the steps.  Elycia rolled her eyes, since Erika didn't even bother to put on a bra.  "Right.  Erika, you and I should talk."  She says as she guided Erika into another room.  Adam had contented himself to play video games with Synestria, who was less adept at them.

Elycia guided Erika into the kitchen, where they got a little privacy.  "Erika."  and Erika holds up her hand.  "Adam knows I lost my virginity to Cory.  Adam's really really worried about hurting me since he's so....big....and I'm so short.  So I've been trying to give him a little relief every now and then, and....I just couldn't stand it anymore."

Elycia sighs a bit.  "I just don't want Adam thinking you're not attracted to him, is all."

"He knows I'm attracted to him.  He's also a virgin and he doesn't want to hurt me.  and, believe it or embarasses him."  Erika smiles at that and starts to nibble at a cracker.  "Today just.  I dunno.  We got really competitive in the game.  next thing we know, we're making out....clothes are coming off know the rest.  We had moved upstairs, to not get caught only a few minutes before you found us."

Elycia giggles at that.  "Just....please talk to Adam and tell him about this.  I don't want him to think you're cheating on him."  She says, sounding a little worried.

Erika smiles.  "I will.  Don't worry."  she says softly, and heads out of the kitchen.

Elycia wipes her forehead.  Whew.

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Weekends tend to be a time that kids look to, to have fun and not worry about schoolwork.  Their sort of 'day off', much like the adults that work.  Especially after a few weeks of school.  Students usually need a bit of rest for their minds to process what they have learned, though some would call it 'forgetting what they've learned.

Elycia had been spending the past few weeks learning basic spells, such as defense, enchanting, and how to use her power in a constructive manner, such as creating, or manipulating objects.  After a few weeks, Elycia had reverted back to her normal size, learning that her second form used energy to maintain, and eventually 'bled off', so she would return to normal size.  She also found out that getting excess energy would make her get larger still.  In class she actually tested that theory and went up to 10 feet, before her teacher had her learn how to enchant jewelry to she could store the excess energy.  Elycia had enchanted a pair of sapphire stud earrings and a sapphire belly button ring enchanted to do just that.

Brian, true to his word, took the time to get to know Elycia, while Erika and Adam kept close to make sure he wouldn't do anything.  Elycia and brian got along well, and had a very easy going friendship that belied it's short duration.  They actually liked many of the same things, including video games.  However, when he wasn't with Elycia, he was at football practice, which she understood...the homecoming game was coming up and it was very important to him.  Plus, he was their starter.

After the last school bell rang, Brian had his uniform on and Elycia walked with him out the door.  "See you after practice Elycia?"  He said as Elycia shouldered her bookbag.

"Sure.  We're headed over to Erika's today....last weekend before the pool closes after all.  Make sure you bring your swim trunks."  Elycia said softly to him.

"Sure."  Brian said as a small crowd started to gather nearby, the football team.  "Oh, I know it's a little ways off, but would you like to head to Homecoming with me?"

Elycia blushed.  "Sure, Brian.  We'll hammer out the specifics later."  She then winks.  "Keep your concentration on your game, hun."  She says as brian made his way for the field, and Elycia got into her mother's SUV.

Once home, Elycia grabbed her bathing suit and made her way over to Erika's home to go into the swimming pool.  Despite having a pink bathing suit before, she had made sure to enchant it, just in case.  She knocked on the door and found Erika's mom there to invite her in.  She looked about for Cory, but didn't find him.

"He was told to go back home."  Mrs. Kayne said softly.  "His mother seemed to be in denial, but the father listened.  Said something about family loyalty and all that."

Elycia sighed.  "I had a feeling it was going to happen like that."  She then shakes her head.  "Can only hope.  I'm guessing Ian is back on campus now?"

"Yeah."  Mrs. Kayne said.  "Seemed to linger just long enough to make us think he wasn't going this semester...then he disappeared.  I did tell Cory's parents that Ian's not allowed over here anymore.  So, I hope they think about that."

Elycia smiled.  "Well, I'm gonna go change.  One last weekend, after all."  She then gives Mrs. Kayne a BIG hug before heading into the bathroom to change.

Thankfully, Elycia was back to normal, so the bathing suit didn't lave her mostly nude.  That was embarassing to her, especially when Brian was there.  It didn't help that Erika and Adam were oogling her as well.  She didn't think she'd ever get used to her tall form.

Once changed she made her way out to the pool and didn't.....see anyone.  Strange.  Usually Erika and Adam beat her over here.  So rather than get straight into the water, Elycia lounged on the chaise lounge that was near the pool.  She must have been exhausted because she soon fell asleep....

After a few minutes, ELycia woke up to Erika sitting next to her.  "Hey Lyce.  How long have you been here?"  Erika said.

"Long enough to nap, I guess."  Elycia said as she stretched and sat up.  "What's wrong?"

"We went over to see Cory.  He's not shaken up as bad as we thought.  In fact, he's happy, mostly cuz Ian's not there now.  Adam's still there, least for now."  Erika fidgets the whole time she's talking.

Elycia raises an eyebrow at Erika's fidgeting, but nod.  "As long as Cory's all right.  Just hope your mom keeps 'his' room in order for when he comes back."  She then sighs and stands up.  "Well, I was waiting for someone to come out so we could swim."  She then starts for the pool, and dives in.

A few seconds later, Erika's in along with Elycia, swimming along side of her.  Elycia found it weird, but didn't seem to mind.  Just like many other times when they visited.

Erika, blushed a little red, looked over her shoulder, then kissed ELycia on the lips.  Elycia was taken totally by surprise by Erika's very sudden action.  Even more surprising that she found she was kissing Erika back.

The kiss was brief, but It affected them both.  Elycia opened her eyes first, thankfully, they were in the shallow end.  She looked to Erika and tilts her head.

Erika opened her eyes second, looked to Elycia's eyes and smiled...then winced.  "Uhm...I hope you don't...mind?"  This is the most timid Elycia has ever heard Erika.  And the most vulnerable.  That was the biggest shock to her...even more so than the kiss.

"I...liked it, Erika."  Elycia said softly.  "I just....didn't know you liked me that way."

"Elycia, I've....had a crush on you since we were 14.  I've just been too afraid of what would happen to our friendship if I tried anything."  Erika's sitting on the steps of the pool by now.

"14?  That's...when I was dating Adam.  Why then?"  Elycia says walking up the shallow end.

"I had a crush on you both.  So I'm a little selfish.  But, still.  Didn't want to ruin our friendship."  Erika says with a hesitant smile.

Elycia giggles.  "Thank you, Erika."  She then covers her mouth.  "And I think you liked the kiss more than you let on."

Erika blinks, looks down at her rather impressive chest for her height, and covers the front of her breasts.  "'re a good kisser."

Elycia giggles.  "Thank you.  You're a good kisser yourself."

The door slides open and Adam steps his way through.  "Cory's doing fine.  More alone time tho......Did I miss something?"  he says as he spots Elycia in Erika's arms, and Elycia's roots are red.

Erika looks to Elycia, then to Adam.  "Uhm....."

Elycia chuckles.  "Erika took a risk, and it seems to have worked."  Elycia tries to cover up for Erika kissing her.

Adam smirks.  "Ah....finally kissed her didja?"  Erika blushes at that.

Elycia raises an eyebrow, then looks to Erika.  Adam speaks up though.  "Erika told me a few weeks ago about her crush on you.  And that it wasn't going away."  Adam smirks at that.  "Glad she was brave enough to follow up."

Elycia laughs.  "No wonder you've been so fidgety lately.  Trying to build up the courage."  She then hugs Erika.

Once she lets Erika go, however, she runs into another kiss...this one from Adam.  She kisses him back as well, even sucking on his lower lip.  She feels a bit of a tingly feeling before she breaks the kiss.  "What is this!?  Come out to Elycia day?"  She says in mock indignation....and they all have a merry laugh.

Adam begins to scratch his shoulders for a moment.  "Looks like it.  Erika beat me to the punch though.  We were.....a little worried about you and Brian getting serious."

"Why were you worried?  He seems like a sweet guy."  Elycia says.

" your face."  Adam says as he sits down.  "It looks like you're becoming quite popular in school.  Seems a lot of guys are talking about trying to get with you.  And I don't mean in a relationship."

Elycia sighs softly as she walks with Erika out of the pool.  "And Brian's one of them?"

"Seems that way.  Overheard him in the locker room talking about how you're a virgin and you've never been kissed before, so he wants to be your first for a lot of things."  Adam then looks to Erika.

Elycia takes a deep breath.  "I knew there were a lot more people looking at me when I was tall."  She then makes a face.  "And he did wait until I was tall until he asked me out."  She then rubs her chin.  "I did already agree to go to homecoming."  Adam and Erika groan.  "I know you guys are watching out for me, and it's serious if you are saying something."  She then ponders.  "So lets make it a double date."

Adam and Erika perk up.  "Double date?"

"Yeah."  Elycia says.  'Double date.  or triple if you want to get technical.  Adam and you, Erika, with myself and Brian."

"How is it triple?"  Erika asks.

"Triple date meaning him and me, you two together, and Adam, Erika and myself together."  Erika seems to bounce at the concept.  "I like that idea.  I'll ask mom and dad if we can rent a limo."  Elycia giggles at that.  "I'd love that.  also, if Brian's dumb enouh to leave in the middle of the dance....we'll head home together."

Adam grins at that.  "Sounds like a great idea.  I'll start looking for suits, and something for Ericka."

Erika smiles to Adam.  "Perfect way to ask us out, Elycia."

Elycia smiled at Erika.  "I've thought about it, but I didn't want to change our friendship.  Seems you guys have thought about it too.  Let's give it a try.  If things turn horribly sour though.  We stay friends.  K?"  She says with a smile.

Adam seemed to smile at that.  "All right, Elycia."  He then smooched her lips.

Erika seemed on board too.  "All right.  Open?"  He then smooched her.

"Yeah.  Open relationship too."  Elycia said with a giggle.

to be continued....
Elycia's first kiss
A month has passed since the start of the school year and homecoming is coming soon.  Elycia is still coming to grips with her newfound powers and abilities, as she develops a friendship with the Quarterback of the football team.  Yet, as is with most high schools and cliques, not everything is what it seems.

She also finds out a deep dark secret that had been cleverly hidden by two of her closest friends.

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Monday.  One of the most dreaded days of the week.  Not just for high schoolers, but for adults going to work as well.  The only reason no one has done away with monday is because tueday would be twice as bad as Monday.

However, today was a rather nice monday.  Nice cool breeze, bright blue sky, and the sun didn't feel like it was trying to burn off your skin.  Early in the morning it was rather cool too.  Elycia hadn't been able to figure out how to get back to her normal size by monday, and her mom had signed her up for mage classes in school, so she had to go as she was.  Though she had to get a new wardrobe, her mother went out and bought her some nice clothes to wear for the week.

So when ELycia walked into school, and ducked under the doorframe she drew a great many stares.  Not just because of her height either.  Despite being dressed rather conservatively in a blaser, button up shirt and long pants, her figure was still quite noticeable.  This drew many murmers among the various people, while glancing at her.  Many of them saying 'Is that a succubus?'  'She's huge!'  'Wonder what she did to end up with that body of hers.'  And many more flattering and unflattering things.  She drew her bookbag in front of her and hugged it before Erika walked up to her and hugged her tightly, followed by Adam and Cory.

"It's okay, Elycia.  We're right here."  Erika said, with Adam and Cory nodding towards her.

Someone apparently heard the name and turned towards her.  "Elycia?"  It was Talazia, once of Elycia's new friends.  The woman was stunning.  Blonde, blue eyed, 6'2" tall, and had a voluptuous body that was so close to perfect, many swore she had plastic surgery.  Especially since she was entirely human.  "You certainly look....different than the last time.  Oh right, you're a succubus."  She didn't even sound judgmental.  That was always one good mark for Talazia.  "So if you changed over the weekend, that means you'll be in the mage class that's starting up this week."  Talazia crossed her arms under her breasts in thought.

Right then, a familiar voice spoke from behind Talazia.  "Yeah, she'll be in our class, Talazia."  It was Synestria.  Elycia smiled as Synestria always seemed to turn up when she needed her most.  "Adapting okay, Elycia?"  Syn said with a calm smile.

"Barely, Syn.  I had my first change yesterday.  It was....sorta surreal to be sitting there watching the room get smaller."  Elycia said smirking to Erika and Adam....who chuckled.

"Well, that's what the class is for.  I did say you'll have to be careful around sex, and I'm sure your mother reinforced it, or told you first."  Syn takes a deep breath.  "You'er still going to have to find a way to control your intake, or you'll be taking most of your classes outside."  Elycia seemed to tilt her head at Syn, before Talazia spoke up.

"Succubi absorb sexual energy, Elycia.  They can bring it in from a certain radius around them, but direct application gets the most energy."  Talazia explains.  "We can explain the rest in class, Elycia.  We have few notes on Succubi, but you're the only one there is in this area.....that we know of."  Talazia then smiles.  "We'll just say that we'd like to help you 'develop'."

Synestria chuckles at Talazia.  "Talazia....lets explain everything in class.  We'd like her to keep some secrets."  She then looks to Elycia.  "Talazia and I have been looking for a lab partner too.  And uhm....when you start the mage classes, they take over your daily schedules, but they won't take you out of the lunch period you have."  She then looks to Erika, Adam and Cory.  "Be ready to cut her some slack guys.  This'll be new to her, compared to people who have been doing this for a while.  It'll be very stressful."  She then squeezes Erika on the shoulder, as if she knows something before she walks away with Talazia along side.

Elycia watches Syn walk away, and looks to Erika.  "Something wrong, hun?"  Erika smiles to Elycia.  "Ian tried to get back into the house."  Cory turns his head to Erika, apparently this was the first he heard of it, since he stayed over Erika's.  "The alarm went off, and dad spotted him running back for his home.  he called the police, but they said 'without evidence, they can't do anything'.  Even with a broken window."  Erika sighed a bit.  "And Cory, Mom and Dad want to talk to your parents.  They seem to have a gut feeling about something."

Cory looked at Erika for a good few seconds before he simply said "Thanks Erika.  I'm gonna try and stay at your house until Ian heads back to college.  And the semester's starting soon."  He says, just as the first bell rings.  And off to class they go.

Elycia happens to find Synestria and Talazia waiting for her as she starts to search for her classroom.  "Oh!  Hey guys.  We're going to the same class, right?"  Syn smiles.  "Yup.  Just waiting for first bell."  She says gesturing for Elycia to follow her.

While talking to Elycia and Talazia, Synestria leads her out of the school, but towards a nearby little copse of trees, only about ten feet wide squared.  But inside of the trees, there would be an empty space....for non-awakened people.  Elycia, however, saw something different.  "How long as that door been there?"

This causes Talazia to smile, and Synestria to giggle.  It's Synestria who explains though.  "That just proved to us that you've been awakened, Elycia.  If you weren' wouldn't see the door."  She then makes a bit of a face.  "Must be tied matter."

Elycia tilted her head.  "you say something, Synestria?"

"Yeah.  You weren't awakened before, Elycia.  You've been back here....walked right by the door without even acknowledging it.  Even walked through it.  As well as other tests I've shown weren't awakened for each of them.  I'm thinking your recent awakening is tied to you receiving your 'marks'."  She says pointing to Elycia's shoulders.

"Does that mean Cory could be awakened too?"  Elycia said softly, and Synestria looked to Elycia.  "he has the marks too?"  Elycia nodded.  "I'll look into him then.  For now, lets start your classes."

Elycia walked through the door and....immediately threw up into a nearby trash bin.  The sudden crushing feeling of magic all around her caused her nervousness and adrenaline to purge her breaskfast.  She was even shaking from the feeling.

Synestria and Talazia were next to her as others looked towards Elycia with a bit of sorrow, and some amusement.  "Looks like another newly awakened.  Wonder how long she'll last."  "A bit tall isn't she?"  "She has horns, and a tail....she's a succubus!"  "What?  Here?  Aren't they rare?"  Were some of the questions around the rather lovely marble hallway that had onyx lockers that were a lot bigger than they looked.  None of the lockers had combination locks, but when the student assigned to them touched it, the door opened.

"Oh dear."  Talazia said.  "Recently awakened.  that means we need to take you to the nurse.  I'll tell the mistress that you'll be late, Elycia."  She says walking off, and Synestria half lifts, half carries Synestria to the nurses office.  Elycia didn't even have half a thought to give to wonder HOW Synestria is this strong.

Going to a side hallway, Synestria carries Elycia into the nurse's office, where the nurse, a rather young looking woman with black hair, tanned skin and a slender figure looks over to find Synestria and smiles.  "Really looking to rack up the nursing points, Syn?  Who's this one?"

Synestria looks to the nurse and smiles.  "She's a friend of mine, Jamie.  She's Elycia Kreiger."  Jamie the nurse, wrinkles her forehead at Syn, then looks to Elycia who was breathing rather erratically.  "She's a.....oh god, she doesn't have her wards up yet.  How newly awakened is she?"

"About a week?  She said she had her first transformation yesterday."  Syn admitted.

"Oh no.  I'll have a talk with her teacher.  Wonder why Suzanne never taught her."  Jamie said, and Syn looekd at her strangely.  "you know her mom?"  Jamie smiled.  "She's an old friend of mine.  Very....close.  When Fitz came into the picture, I had to get away from him....and her.

"Suzanne threw Fitz out of the house.  And Elycia's father reappeared."  Synestria smiles.  "She also said something about Her friend Cory being an Incubus.  Unfortunately, he has a very passive-agressively abusive older brother in Ian."

Jamie laughs.  "Alex is back huh?  So I'll rank that up there as being 'distracted'.  My brother was always a free spirit, and can be devoted, but talk of marriage makes him bored.  I'm glad he's back."  She then reaches over.  "You're gonna have to help me with this, Syn.  Put your hand here."  She says putting Syn's hand, flat on Elycia's belly button.  A few spidery words later and Elycia's horns begin to glow with a strange light......and Elycia sits BOLT upright.

"Wh-wha....the hell's going on?"  Elycia says as another woman comes in, with her black hair in a bun, glasses, stern face.  She would be considered beautiful, if it wasn't for that perpetual fron she had on her face.  " you are, Miss Kreiger.  I had been expecting you in my office a half an hour ago.  What ARE you doing in here?"

"Lady Xantha....Elycia's in here because of the guardians of the school.  She didn't have any personal defenses up to keep them away."  Syn says with a bit of relief.

"Indeed?"  The woman named Xantha says as she adjusts her glasses.  " is true.  The only wards I see upon her are recently erected.  She has a long way to go then, but, I'll make sure she is safe here."  She then turned to the side.  "Lord Rannik...."

Both Jamie and Syn gasp as she utters that name, while Elycia looks a little confused, especially at Xantha actions.  then all of the color drains from her face as an 8 foot tall, black cloaked figure in armor seems to appear out of nowhere behind Xantha.

"Lord Rannik.  This is Elycia Kreiger."  Xantha explains and the cloaked figures red eyes peer towards Elycia......and despite how much fear she had in her chest....and in the pit of her stomach.....she stared back into Rannik's glowing red eyes.  She could feel his eyes peer deep into her soul, into her very being.

But it lasted only a moment.

"Yes."  Said a voice that seemed to emenate from another plane, rather than the armored being in front of Elycia.  "She will not be harmed while in this realm.  She shall also be protected."

Xantha seemed to look confused for a moment.  "I....simply needed to give her permission to come study here."

"And so she shall.  She is no danger to anyone, unless they endanger her or her loved ones.  She is under my protection.  So sayeth Lord Rannik, Knight of this Holy grove."  He then steps to the side and disappears.

Elycia lets out a breath and takes a few deep ones to steady does Syn and Jamie.  Elycia has never seen Synestria afraid.....and she was there.  Xantha just shudders before looking to Elycia.  " seems everything is order, Miss Kreiger.  I am Lady Xantha, the headmistress of the arcane school here.  if you need anything, feel free to ask.  For now, good day."

Elycia watches as the woman walks away and Syn seemed rather relieved.  "'re in Lord Rannik's home.  There's many more levels to this, but Lord Rannik is a Death Knight.  An old holy order of knights that used to protect the land.  Seems he's bound to this realm here, but he has never offered to protect a succubus.....ever.  Maybe he sees something special in you."

Elycia shakes her head.  "Lets see how special.  At least I don't feel like I'm going to cough up my heart anymore."  She then smiles to Jamie.  "I'll say hi to mom for you, ma'am."  and off they went to class.

Once there, the teacher taught Elycia, with Synestria's and Talazia's help, how to put up personal wards, which was pretty easy.  The next step was to enchant her own clothes, since it was expensive to get a second wardrobe, and maddening to carry it around.  They spent most of the morning getting the hang of enchanting Elycia's clothes.  During her time learning, she found that, no matter how hard she tries, her clothes rarely stayed the same when they were put on.  Usually turning into something that shows off more skin, or her body more, than the original version, no matter how conservative she wore it.

Lunchtime came around and Elycia went to lunch with her friends in the school.  Synestria and Talazia joined her this time to meet Adam, Erika and Cory.  But she found a couple more guys there.  Erika was leaning against Adam, and Cory was sitting next to them while these two guys, one guy a blonde guy that looked pretty good, and the other, a nice looking guy with shirt brown hair seemed to talk to Erika.  they both looked up to see Elycia, Talazia and Synestria walking up, and smiled a bit broader at both Talazia and Elycia.

"Good morning ladies."  Said the blonde.  but Elycia just waved to him.  "Hey Erika.  We still running over to Adam's house after school?"

"Yeah."  Erika said.  "More comfy chairs there."  She was idly stroking Adam's arm as he ate lunch.

Then Cory spoke up.  "Hey Ely.  Brian and James here wanted to meet you earlier, but they couldn't catch you."  Both guys turned red at Cory calling them out, but Cory smirked at them.  "you'd be outed one way or another guys.  Elycia Kreiger, Talazia Silvermoon, Synestria.  This is Brian and James."  Elycia smirked at bit at them.  "Aren't you guys with the football team?"

Brian seemed to perk up at that.  "So you recognize us then?"

"Yeah."  Elycia said.  "Starting quarterback and his best receiver.  So....why're you coming around now of all times?"  Talazia smirked a bit at James, who seemed to blush.

"Uhm.....well yeah.  Who hasn't?"  Elycia does look over Brian, still wondering why he's there.

Talazia finally chuckles.  "I think Brian's trying to work up the nerve to ask you out, ELycia."  James starts to laugh at that.  Brian turns beet red in the face.

Elycia raises her eyebrows, looks to Talazia, then to Brian.  "Is it true?"

Brian quietly nods his head.  "When you walked into school earlier you seemed....."

"Like I had big boobs."  Elycia said with a laugh.  Brian thunks his head on the table.  "Mmmmm...."

"I can't say yes, Brian, because I barely know you.  But I also can't simply say no on that basis either, Brian.  So, rather than simply saying no.  How about hanging out with us for a while, and see if I'm the girl you're looking for, hun."  She then pats Brian on the hand.

James smiles up to Talazia before looking to Elycia.  "Brian noticed you before, Elycia, but he's really really shy around girls."  he then chuckles.  "Which is not what anyone expects from the starting quarterback.  He saw that Talazia and I had been dating for a while, so he wanted to get the courage to ask you out, Elycia."

Elycia smiles to James.  "Thanks James"  She then looks up to Talazia.  "you two are dating?  Why didn't you tell me?"

Talazia shrugged.  "James and I had been friends for a long time.  Someone asked us if we were dating one time we were hanging out....we looked at each other, shrugged and said 'yeah.  why not?'  been dating ever since.  We don't advertise it.  He's got his circle, I've got mine.  We usually talk on the phone at the end of the day to talk about our day.  I trust him.  He trusts me.  That's all we really need."

Elycia smiles to Talazia, then looked to James.  "You guys have a great relationship."  She then winks and starts to eat her own food.  Brian still seems mortified.

James shakes his head at Brian.  "You need to calm down, man.  You two just need to get to know each other, Brian."  Brian lifts his head and smiles.

Elycia smiles.  "Just treat me like another person, Brian.  it's why I said we should get to know each other.  Other than what we look like on the outside. body changes."  She then winks as the bell rings.

And with that, they head back to class.  Elycia was helped by Synestria and Talazia to finish up Elycia's ability to enchant her clothes.  Thankfully, Elycia was a very quick study when it came to enchanting her own clothes.  She just hoped her clothes would remain in school code when they were enchanted.

Once school was over, Elycia got her ride home with her father, and walked over to Adam's house.  She waved to his parents in the living room, who were watching TV, and made her way downstairs.  Where she found Erika and Adam together on the loveseat, snuggling against each other.  ELycia couldn't help but rib them.  "Glad to see you were able to control yourselves long enough for me to get here."

Erika and Adam chuckled among themselves.  "Yeah.  We tried to be careful for you."  Erika says before she smooched Adam's lips.  "So how was your first day in mage school?"  She says getting up.

"Exhausting but worth it."  Elycia says sitting on a recliner.  "Learned how to enchant my clothes so when I 'grow' I won't tear my clothes off anymore."

"Awww....and I was so hoping to see you naked."  Erika teases.  "Let me get us some snacks, guys."  She says striding her way and bouncing up the stairs.

Adam watches Erika and chuckles a bit.  "I have no idea how it happened, Elycia."

Elycia snickers at Adam.  "Hun, she and I both know you're a great guy.  She's just a little more sexually active than I am."

Adam blushes.  "I meant besides that, Lyce."

Elycia giggles.  "hun, you should be proud of what you have, and I'm not talking about how big your cock is.  Though it helps."  She then winks.  "You're a great guy.  It just didn't work out between least at first."  She then winks to him.  "Erika's building up your confidence though."

Adam blushes a little.  "You noticed that, hmm?"

Elycia nods.  "Mmhmm.  She stopped teasing you, and now you're walking with a bit more swagger.  Girls have noticed."  She then winks.  "Myself as well, obviously.  Keep it up, hun."

Adam nods quietly as Erika comes back down.  "Here we go."  She says as she seems to get a little close to Elycia.  Elycia does notice, and looks to Adam, who either doesn't seem to notice, or doesn't mind.

Elycia shakes her head as Erika walks away and leans against Adam again, nudging him with her shoulder.  Erika smiles, and Adam returns the smile as Elycia turns on the TV.  "Did Cory head to your house, Erika?"

Erika looks over.  "Yeah.  Said he needed some alone time, and wanted to work on his homework.  At least he's opening up a little, but he's not going to do it with Ian around."

"I agree."  Adam says.  "Even I can tell that guy's a jerk....meaning Ian.  But we've known it for years.  He can be charming to people he just met....and who don't know what he is."

"I know."  Erika says.  "I nearly fell for that slimeball."  Elycia turns her head to Erika and looks at her.  And Erika shrugs.  "Like I said, I didn't know how he was.  I'm just glad I got away from him before I did something stupid, like sleep with him."  She then shudders.

Elycia nods a bit.  "Yeah, he can be charming at first.  He tried me too."  And now Erika and Adam look at Elycia.  She then chuckles.  "I had been hanging out with Cory for a while, and suddenly, Ian decides that we should be friends too.  Apparently he expected me to 'forget' all those years where he just casualy beat on Cory, called him worse things on a daily basis, then went to find him to 'play', only to abuse him some more.  That man has a sick sense of humor."  She then shakes her head.  "Well....we won't have to deal with him much longer, I hope."

Erika chuckles and nods.  "Well, let's not dwell on him.  We've got more important things to do.  Like hang out."  She then chuckles.  "Oh, yeah.  Did you want to head to the movies this weekend, Elycia?  We could head to the new theater and go on a double date.  You could head there with Brian and we'd go to keep you two out of trouble."

Elycia laughs.  "you just want to see me with the quarterback of the football team, Erika."  She then thinks.  "Speaking of which.  I HAVE to ask for my own curiosity.  Are you two exclusive to each other, or is it open?  I'm guessing it's open considering how you two.....asked each other out."

Erika laughs at Elycia.  "We didn't really talk about it."  She then looks to Adam.  "Are we open?"

Adam looks to Erika.  "Sure.  I trust you."  And that makes Erika blush brightly.

"Okay...and thank you."  Erika says before looking to Elycia with a bright grin.

Elycia snerks and rolls her eyes.  "God you two make my teeth hurt."

Erika and Adam both laugh at Elycia.

"But, you're happy, and that's what matters."  Elycia says as she stretches out on the recliner.

To be continued......
Elycia learns magic
After Elycia's transformation, she finds out that she has 'awakened', another rare group of people that were either born with the gift to manipulate the magic that flows through them, or granted it through some life changing experience.  In Elycia's case, it's the latter.

Her transformation has also drawn a bit of notice throughout the school, drawing the gaze of many of the popular people, and some not-so-popular.  After all, a 7 foot woman that looks as good as she does is hard to miss.


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